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Every year millions of Americans suffer from painful conditions. It is one of the most frequent reasons people seek medical attention. Despite the proliferation of pain treatment centers across the country, the problem still remains. Drugs and surgery are not the only solutions.

Studies demonstrate that the treatments provided by San Diego Pain Treatment & Injury Repair reduce recovery time from injury; achieving results two to three times faster than conventional physical therapy and medications.

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What our clients say:

“I’ve been playing baseball since I was four years old and I’m now in my 50’s.  Playing baseball is my favorite recreational pastime. In January 2011 I suffered an injury that was later diagnosed and confirmed (through an MRI) as a torn labrum. While I wasn’t in pain for my day-to-day activities, this injury prevented me from playing baseball. I was told that I needed surgery to repair it.”
“I’ve always believed that surgery is a LAST resort. So I was determined to exhaust all other options first. Fortunately I met Dr. Lathrop and he provided me with a viable alternative to surgery.”
“After doing some research and realizing that the worst that would happen was for me to delay my surgery by a few months, I decided to give Dr. Lathrop’s treatment a try. I was both very skeptical and hopeful. After a few treatments my skepticism grew because I didn’t see much improvement though Dr. Lathrop was assuring me that the injury was healing. “
“We finally reached the stage where there was significant improvement in my range of motion but I was still experiencing pain when I tried throwing a baseball. Thinking that the treatment had failed (my only criteria for success was that I would get back on the baseball field) I decided to get another MRI and go to an orthopedic surgeon so he could fix me.
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